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Irish-German Healthcare Council

It was great convening with the Irish-German business council in Dublin and learning from so many smart healthcare companies. The delegates departed for Galway after and doubtless they will find much to learn about our medtech footprint. Grateful for an excellent presentation by Jim Breslin, Secretary General of the Department of Health on Ireland's performance in health, rankings versus other EU countries and plans to address our growing and ageing population.

Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

The recently announced awardees from the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund include good friend (pictured on left), Gerry McCauley for Omnispirant and Joe Shinkwin of NVP Energy. Omnispirant's cutting edge project seeks to harness the power of exosomes and lentiviral gene expression to remediate CFTR defective genes in cystic fibrosis and to use stem cells to provide regenerative effects in the lungs of COPD patients. This is amongst the most stretching and ambitious R&D projects under consideration in Ireland today in pharmaceutical development. The challenges are huge but the potential benefits as identified by the expert review panel are enormous - nothing less than the first treatme

Medtech Rising

The Irish medtech Association hosted their annual Medtech Rising meeting in Galway over two days. Along with an awards ceremony to honour some of our best and brightest, international speakers addressed the audience bringing perspectives from the USA and EU. Here's what we learned: 1) Ireland's medical devices cluster and employment is the 2nd largest in Europe, per capita. 2) Ireland hosts 14 of the top 15 medical device companies and along with our indigenous sector, some 800 companies make up the wider medical device and digital health cluster. Of special importance are the number of OEM's (original equipment manufacturers), who design and manufacture for major medtech. 3) Almost 40,000 p