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Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

The recently announced awardees from the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund include good friend (pictured on left), Gerry McCauley for Omnispirant and Joe Shinkwin of NVP Energy.

Omnispirant's cutting edge project seeks to harness the power of exosomes and lentiviral gene expression to remediate CFTR defective genes in cystic fibrosis and to use stem cells to provide regenerative effects in the lungs of COPD patients.

This is amongst the most stretching and ambitious R&D projects under consideration in Ireland today in pharmaceutical development. The challenges are huge but the potential benefits as identified by the expert review panel are enormous - nothing less than the first treatment to provide improvement in COPD, the singular global leader in chronic disease cost and hospitalisation.

Aribamed understands many of the challenges for patients with reduced respiratory function. We sincerely wish Omnispirant every success and hope to see it transform the treatment of severe respiratory illness.