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Happy to support Hermitage Clinic Study Day

Aribamed was delighted to support the Hermitage Medical Clinic Study Day. There was a range of engaging presentations on general practice topics and we were glad to engage with General Practitioners in attendance.

What was really inspiring, was to see old friends as well as some very new family doctors who are working tirelessly to address common problems in primary care. The demands of a younger population on one side who need plenty of support with regard to vaccinations and family health and on the other extreme, an ageing population who want to be as active as they always were, but need a little more help these days to be at their best.

We believe the mark of every society is how they treat their oldest and youngest people. In this regard, Ireland and its primary care teams come out on top, as the care and attention patients are receiving from very hard working primary care staff is second to none.

Aidan Mitchell from Aribamed was delighted to engage with a wide community of health practitioners to discuss Aribamed's efforts to support those with long term health conditions and hopefully make a contribution by bringing important medicines to Ireland for those who need them.