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Sars CoV2 - a global surprise

Life is what happens while you were making other plans, so the saying goes. Some years after the West escaped the potential impact of SARS and MERS, SARs CoV2, a new strain of Corona virus which targets our respiratory systems has spread across the world. Containment efforts have required economic shutdown, bolstering of critical care capacity in hospitals and "deep freezing" our 21st century way of life. The effects are widespread and unpredictable and will result in a tragic loss of life, not just of susceptible elderly people but of susceptible young people. Whilst grateful this virus is not as virulent as it might be, nevertheless some communities and families will be denied the pleasure and presence of loved ones all too soon.

The implications for Pharma are hotly debated. The economic fallout is immediate, tremendous and will be sustained. When we have conquered Covid19, assuming we develop vaccines or curative treatments, it's hard to assess what our future rear view mirror will have passed - globalisation, convenient cheap international travel, low cost supply chains located across Asia for products sold in the West are likely casualties.

Also perhaps, the hubris of humanity which measures everything in economic terms. We may need to take a back seat and acknowledge we too are passengers on this planet we call home. We may fly 1st class, but we are not piloting this craft and the earth which we treat as a balance sheet asset, is neither in our possession, nor in our gift.

The world already reduced by the internet, globalised industry and interconnected supply chains, has become smaller still. This time however, we too have been miniaturised, reduced to the realisation that our lives hang by a thread and when we forget the interconnection of living things as a finely balanced ecosystem, we risk unleashing perversities in nature, against which we may not be fully protected.

Covid19 will pass. Should it take a good deal of Human arrogance and carelessness about our planet and environment, then its passing, indeed its very presence may not be all bad.

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