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We're learning a lot about Covid19

Since SARS-CoV-2 arrived into Europe, forcing national lockdowns and paralysing hospital care pathways. We are emerging three months later with a clearer understanding of the illness.

In Aribamed, we are pleased that we have sourced, supplied and sustained supplies of essential medicines used in Covid19 infections and treatment.

Working alongside our manufacturing partners and engaging with clinical and academic leaders, we too have been learning - listening to feedback on ventilation strategies, use of vasospressors, steroids, prevention strategies and the challenges of delivering care whilst wearing full PPE.

Infection rates have drastically reduced but system capacity going forward is greatly impacted. We are planning for the Autumn and the inevitable rise in infections we will see as our economy reopens.

We have been humbled by the care and dedication of healthcare workers and the stoicism of patients who have had to endure weeks of illness and some who will have to live with long term health impacts arising from Covid19.

Of course, we join in everyone in expressing our sorrow to the victims of Covid19 and sympathy for their families. Health can never be assumed nor taken for granted.

Aribamed is a strategic investor in new approaches to protect healthcare workers become infected from transmission via aerosols from asymptomatic patients.

We are more convinced than ever that despite the move to digital, the rise of remote and distance care, the increased use of telemedicine, etc., local services more than ever need local support on the ground.

To that end we are extending our portfolio of specialty medicines adding new treatments for paediatric patients suffering from gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder, expanding our offerings in anti-infectives and reviewing our mission to provide value to our clients by offering competition and differentiation through our partners and relationships.

We have made great strides in advancing more innovative pain therapies, something we hope to announce more about in the future.

In the interim as we adapt to new ways of working and new demands from hospitals and clinics, we hope to continue to be part of the solutions for modern healthcare problems.